UK Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles on Exercise in Poland

A column of Warrior armoured fighting vehicles moving along an autumnal forest track in Poland during Exercise Black Eagle.

Around 1,300 UK soldiers were honing their skills in the largest armoured deployment to Eastern Europe for six years.

The King’s Royal Hussars Battlegroup was taking part in Exercise Black Eagle under the command of the 10th Polish Armoured Cavalry Brigade and alongside the 1st Polish Tank Battalion at the Zagan Training area in south-west Poland. The exercise included both dry-training and live-firing and was designed to develop interoperability between the two Armed Forces.

Exercise Black Eagle was a key demonstration of UK support to NATO reassurance measures and followed the RAF’s commitment of Typhoon aircraft to the Baltic Air Policing Mission and the deployment of HMS Montrose off the Danish coast as part of the multi-national Baltic Ops exercise in June 2014. Further deployments are expected to take place over the next two years.

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Photographer: SSgt Mark Nesbit RLC (Phot)
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