Pirated vessels off shore Somalia: current situation

During the last weeks reports on pirate attacks off shore Somalia come thick and fast. Next an overview on the current situation based on my request to EU NAVFOR Somalia – Operation Atalanta (response of Commander Jacqueline Sherriff MBE Royal Navy – Spokesperson Operation Atalanta):


Somalias pirates are back in business – photo: Jason R. Zalasky / Wikipedia / CC-Licence

Fuel tanker, MT ARIS13, was pirated on Monday 13 March.  The ship and all the crew were released on Thursday 16 March.

Dhow CASAYR 2: It is understood that unknown armed men went on board the dhow on Sunday 26 March off the east coast of Somalia.  The vessel was under their control for 2 days, before the armed men departed the vessel.  Further details about the incident are unknown.

Dhow, Al Kausar, was pirated on Monday 3 April.  We understand that the suspected pirates departed the vessel Monday 10 April.  EU NAVFOR is working with counter-piracy partners to confirm the status of the crew.  Some media reports have stated that 9 of the crew are now ashore.           

SALAMA1 –  We are aware of media reports regarding possible pirating of a dhow Salama 1. We have investigated and found no information regarding this.

Bulk carrier, MV OS-35 was pirated on Saturday 8 April.  The crew and ship were released on Sunday 9 April.  

 An up-to-date report on ative Somali pirate clans an militias on „The Maritime Executive“.